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Roadmap to 5K Workshop
Hey! How would you like to hit your next 5k month with ease? So you know where you want to go- BUT you need a way to get there. 
Join us to get your 5K Roadmap strategy. 
Hey! I'm Hilary.  

Let's get to work together in a Live Workshop where I will teach you how to create a $5K roadmap to help you hit your next 5k month with ease. 
In this class, we map out a strategy to reach your money goal plan to get you to your next $5K month. We will work on your abundance mindset, creating a plan, and maximizing profits. You will receive worksheets that you can fill out- right along with me. This will not be a passive workshop- you will get things done by actively drafting your next 30 day strategy - so make time for your success! 

Can you imagine how good it will feel to hit those numbers you've been reaching for? 

Hurry and join us, the sooner you map out your numbers- the better chance you have of reaching your goals in business. 
Now available for viewing on demand. Life-time access and worksheets are sent to you upon purchase. 
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What Our Customers Say ...

 "Hilary is so amazing, kind and knowledgeable in her niche of teaching how to profit from workshops for creatives! Speaking to her helped me gain so much clarity and confidence to take my next step in teaching my own art courses. She gave me actionable guidance and direction that's worth it's weight in gold."
- Vani Shukla
Felt Flower Designer

"Hilary has been an inspiration from her advice to her easy to follow program which guides creatives in a direction that furthers their endeavors. She helped me to realize my potential and guided me on a path to be more fulfilled in this pursuit. I am ready to put my plans into action!"
- Aysha M. 
Creative Director

If you don't get value from this session, just drop me an email at and I'll give you a full refund.

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